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April 21, 2015

Vive la France!,,,….wedding style

Well, we began constructing the wedding cake today that is essentially my cake final for this week.  We started by taking my design (which I accidentally designed a cake to feed 250….no need to do that in class…..right?) and modified it to a reasonable level.  We mapped out the sizes of the cake layers and the general plan.  I then had to bake out 2 1/2 full sheet pans of the cake to divide up into the layers.  Since my teacher’s training was largely in Europe, the wedding cake of choice is a French cake.  It is called a Mascotte cake, but if translated into common vernacular…it is an almond sponge cake.  What makes this so very unique is that is has a very large amount of ground almonds in the batter and is still tender and light.  It is a great cake and will complement the flavors I have chosen for the filling and frosting, etc.   After all the baking was done we set to constructing the tulips from the petals we made two days ago.  Here are a few photos of that.  It was truly magical putting the flowers together.  WE painted some extra colors on them and still have to steam the flowers which will make the colors become more vibrant.  Yes…there is some Vegas bling in the center of the flower just for fun.  I was thinking of red Rembrandt tulips with yellow flames as I painted.  It is great fun.

We then moved on to roses and we had only just started when my rose fell off of the wire onto its face and this is after I had revived it with the tiniest spatula I have ever seen.  It needs more work tomorrow, but this is my first attempt at sugar flowers and I had a great time.  It is very relaxing. 

I finished the day by cutting out all the cake for the four layers and getting it in the freezer so it is hard and can be sliced better tomorrow.  More flowers to come as well.