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artisan bakery in Torrington, Wyoming
April 18, 2015

Let’s Fill the Pastry Case!

Well this week has ended our quest to fill the pastry case at the bakery.  All of the cakes we have been designing and baking have been an aim to be able to bake and fill my pastry case with delicious edibles that are small portions that people can enjoy and are small versions of the larger cakes that I will be able to make at the bakery for special occasions.  We have come up with some wonderful flavors and combinations.  I am so grateful to my teacher, Marda Stoliar, for her tireless pursuit of excellence and beauty that has trickled down into the design of my cakes.  I am very excited

Today was no exception, we finished Red Velvet cake and Apple Spice cake.  Both of these are simpler presentations, because that is what compliments these flavors better.  The Red Velvet Cake is filled with cream cheese filling and coated with Italian Vanilla Buttercream.  The Apple Spice Cake is coated and filled with maple icing and has bits of apple in the cake with some rum flavoring.  It is a great flavor profile.  I am thrilled with the techniques I am learning and will be able to springboard from there.  Here are some photos of the finished cakes today.  We also sliced open the Chocolate Marzipan Pound cake.  Wonderfully rich dark chocolate with chunks of marzipan in the cake.

Well this is the end of rectangular cake slices for now and we move on to wedding cakes.  We will be working on design and construction to create the elements needed to have a successful wedding cake.  This will be a very new experience for me, but I am looking forward to it.