The Bread Doctor

artisan bakery in Torrington, Wyoming
April 17, 2015

Did I mention I am taking a cake class……….?

 We are frantically baking more and more cakes to expand the flavor profile and offerings at The Bread Doctor Bakery.  I baked four more cakes today that will all be divided and put together tomorrow.  One of the cakes that we baked today was a delicious chocolate pound cake that has chunks of marzipan in the cake.  It is fabulous…I got to taste the ends.  Marzipan is a paste made of bitter almonds and sugar and can be used in many aspects of the baking.  The cake is covered with a chocolate icing that seals in the cakes moisture.  Here are  a few photos.

We were also able to slice today a cake that has been in the freezer since Monday.  It is called the Astor cake after the famous New York socialite family.  It is two layers of chocolate cake filled with two layers of mousse.  One mousse is bitter sweet chocolate and one is white chocolate and hazelnut.  The cake is covered with chocolate butter cream and chocolate caramel.  It is a beautiful cake and will be featured at dinner tonight. 

Also made two types of red velvet cake today and apple spice cake.  All will be put together tomorrow and will get some photos on the blog.  I am learning so much about different types of cakes and fillings.  All will be put to good use in the bakery. 

I should mention that during the last week I have also been reading many wedding cake books to get ideas for the wedding cake I will make next week.  Right now we are in the planning stage, but it will be and exciting culmination of what I have been learning and will be a great challenge.  I have never baked so many cakes in one period of time….what an exciting time!