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April 16, 2015

Cake, Cake and more Cake

Okay…so I recently posted on Facebook a picture of a cake named the Basque cake (Cherry Shortbread Cake).  It is a very interesting and delicious cake that has a fruit filling (cherry in this case) that is baked on top of pastry cream inside a cake that turns out to be very much like a shortbread cookie.  It is a truly delicious number and one that I will likely make in miniature at the bakery.  Here are some photos of the cake sliced into and it is heavenly.

This cake is a sleeper because of its unassuming and humble exterior.  However, it is a great surprise for the mouth when you eat it.  A cake like this won the international cake competition once and surprised all of the fancy cake makers at its sublime flavors.  My teacher states that it is so versatile that people can eat it all day…for breakfast like coffee cake, or for dinner for dessert.  So I am excited to see the response back home. ……never judge a cake by its cover.  Okay…you have to be a real baking, cake-dedicated person to keep reading this because it is all about the subject of the month…..Cakes!

I have also been working on a Grand Marnier Orange Chiffon cake for the last two days.  We even preserved and dried orange slices for the top of the cake and I was under strict instructions to get the cake evenly frosted.  So I finally finished it today and it is here below.  Filled with White Chocolate truffle filling and  topped with Grand Marnier Buttercream, this cake is a delicate, sunny hit of orange and is fairly eye-catching as well.  I am please with the way this turned out…..and yes…the orange slices are edible.

We then moved on to Chocolate Truffle Dome, which is a mixture of chocolate cake and buttercream in a crisp chocolate dome, and only about 2-3 inches across…a great small dessert.

Then we made Lemon Coconut Snowballs….White cake with lemon mousse and white chocolate butter cream…surround by white chocolate and coconut.  Very tasty.


Well, it has been a busy couple of days and I think I am moving on to Red Velvet Cake tomorrow.  I am learning tons and have had my horizons expanded in a very big way.  I am working towards a wedding cake next week of my design and will see how things progress.  I have homework tonight to study wedding cake design and so I am signing off.  Stay tuned for more updates.