The Bread Doctor

artisan bakery in Torrington, Wyoming
September 10, 2014

Preparation pays off and the pastry magic begins

In a bakery, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes, obviously, that then makes the baked goods appear like magic.  So yesterday we slaved over pastries and fillings and did not actually bake anything.  Bakers have to always be thinking and preparing for the next few days to create the delicacies that we all enjoy.  Then, like magic, it all seems to appear.  So today was magic.  We turned out the lemon gelee that has been setting for a few days and will still need a few days to cure, but they look magnificent all covered with sugar.

lemon gelee right out of the pan
Meyer Lemon Gelee sliced up and covered with sugar

After the gelee was out, we needed to shape and bake the croissants, both plain and almond.  They turned out beautifully, and Marda was pleased. 

Then we took the long flake pastry and made all of the savory pastries that we had planned to use it for.  Spanish Empanadas, Indian Samosa and Polish Perogies.

Venezuelan Empanada filling with ground pork, olives, golden raisins, cumin

Empanada made up for baking

Out of the oven….Yum


Indian Samosa filling



 The finished Samosas are in these great shapes and have all been frozen for baking later.  Probably for lunch later this week.  The last pastry that used the long flake dough was the Polish Perogi filled with potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese and pepper.

Finished Perogies

The last savory pastry we made today were curry puffs with a Japanese curry filling and pastry puff triangles that are folded over and baked like a turnover.

We had a wonderful time today.  The amazing thing is that while we were doing all this other shaping and baking, we also roasted the pork for the Chinese barbecue pork buns tomorrow.  We will make and shape the dough in the morning, and the buns will be steamed.  Lots of wonderful things to make tomorrow, including the sponge for San Francisco Sourdough and the Semolina bread and we will mike the dough for the Gingerbread House.  More preparation for bakery magic.