The Bread Doctor

artisan bakery in Torrington, Wyoming
August 28, 2014

A New Vista


Well, we have been waiting four months to get this piece of artwork up in the big picture window in our kitchen.  My dear friend, Mark Bigelow, has been developing his wonderful talents as a glazier these past years and we asked him as he started his business to make this piece of art for our new remodel.  We are thrilled, and as I hung this up yesterday I realized that we are also headed on a journey into the world of bread and pastry art.  I can only hope that our contribution is as successful as the beautiful spectrum of color we now enjoy every time we work in the kitchen.

Marda Stoliar and yours truly in matching jackets….oops
(I am such a wannabee)

I am excited to head off tomorrow to drop off my daughter at college and then on to school myself in Bend, OR.  I feel much like I am headed off on a Greek quest to the oracle at Delphi.  Marda Stoliar is just about as close to a culinary demi-god as you can get without being punished by the gods for being too perfect.  The standard of excellence that I learn from her is just what I want to incorporate in our bakery in Torrington.  I am there for two weeks for chocolates (including caramels, crème centers, truffles, marzipan, etc), savory pastries (including samosas, empanadas, curry puffs, Chinese pork buns), specialty breads (San Francisco Sourdough, pita, semolina bread), and specialty Holiday items (gingerbread houses and Buche de Noel).  I will be blogging every day to keep my family and friends informed of my progress and share what I am learning.  When I return, I will be meeting with my contractor to finalize the budget for the remodel of the bakery.   Then off to the bank to beg for money to start.  Hopefully we will have the remodel underway by October 1.


I am leaving my practice of clinic medicine and obstetrics in order to make time for this new venture.  I feel a bit sad as I enjoy delivering children and caring for them, and the patients who have trusted me with their most precious possession will always be dear to my heart.  But in order to make time for the bakery, I had to have a schedule that was more predictable.  I will be working in the emergency room part of the week and baking the other part….a career splice.  The bright colors of the glass remind me of the incredibly beautiful experiences in life that I have had so far, but they are also tempting me on towards the wonderful adventures that lie ahead…….my new vista.