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September 4, 2013

My New Best Friend

At the end of day two, I would like all of you to meet my new best friend, Mr. Gluten.  I knew it was important, but I am being schooled on how gentle one has to be with the gluten in flour to make the bread come out well.  My teacher, Marda, has been wonderful.  She has shown me how to be tough with the dough and gentle when needed.  She also cheerfully posed for a Bobsey Twins picture in our matching jackets today.

The items manufactured today were Russian Black Bread, Focaccia, and we made almond tart dough. 

We also started and formed bagels and made the sponge for Pain Siegle, a great French take on a German bread.  It was a wonderful day, and other than me throwing a loaf of Focaccia on the floor as it came out of the oven, things went well.  I am very excited about the two breads we made today…fabulous and I am filling my experience checklist with many things.  I also get to bring home bread, formulae, and all the experience that Marda can write down to help me get started.

Tomorrow…..French Bread, Brioche, pastry crust, bagels, and Pain Siegle….very busy.  I am now to head to the studying and reading part of the day.