The Bread Doctor

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September 25, 2013

…..and more cake

Well, just as the first week was all bread….this week is all cakes so far and we have made some fun ones.  We spent most of the day on an Opera Torte, which I will have photos of tomorrow.  It is multiple layers of great fillings and cake and is in the freezer setting up to make it easier to divide.  I literally put away a 50# sheet of cake and pans in the freezer so it can set up.  There is a special frame/mold system that it is put together in to keep the edges square.  The reveal will be tomorrow, and I am excited for it.  The remainder of the day was spent putting together Dobos Torte and making a special nougatine to put on the top.  Nougatine is a caramelized nut brittle, today’s feature was slivered almonds.  What did not go on the top of the cake was ground up in the food processor into praline.  This was then pressed to the sides of the cake.  It is a pretty amazing looking thing and Marda and I had a great time today.  The final cake appears that it is ready to take flight, which is suggestive of the very light cake that it is made out of.  I have one in the freezer to set up for travel…..hmm.

I should mention that the cake is put together with milk chocolate buttercream and the layers are dressed with apricot rum glaze.  I was very pleased with the final result.  I did not know what Marda was planning with the nougatine when we made it.   I am headed back to the bakery tonight to work with Kevin and shape more baguettes.  Wednesday is French Bread day.  The seasons are changing and so is the household I am living in.  One roommate is moving into the family room upstairs as his bedroom since the ping pong table got moved out.  He will have an entire bedroom, movie-watching, game-playing suite when he is done, and school starts for him on Monday.  There is another roommate just waiting to move into my room on October 1 from Washington.  It will be his turn to sleep in the blue bedroom with the pirate flag.  I am going to miss it.