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artisan bakery in Torrington, Wyoming
September 28, 2013

A Brave New World

Well, the final day of class came and went and we spent the day discussing the equipment, business, layout, organizational issues, supplies, and anything else that might be useful for the bakery to be able to open.  Marda actually gave me a diploma to show that I had completed a Complete Breads and Pastries course, in case I need to prove it to someone later.   I took some quick photos of the space that I spent the last month in which is just off of her kitchen and all of the equipment.

20 quart mixer

60 quart spiral mixer

Sheeter and oven (holds ten full sheet pans and is gas-fired)

Industrial refrigerator and proofing cabinet next door

Industrial freezer with a blast chiller (-60F) on the top half

I also include a photo of the bakery where I spent several nights learning to work in a real setting.  This experience was invaluable and the owner, Di Long, was very accommodating and a great person.  Her bakery was very fun and also takes the space next door where she has extra seating.

Marda and her husband David were such wonderful hosts during the month.  We shared many wonderful lunches and had dinner out together one evening, and I felt that I had made new friends in them.

 I could not have asked for a better teacher.  Marda was patient and supportive, which was a perfect environment for me to feel free to ask questions and soak up as much of her knowledge as possible.  I had a lovely day, and then spent the night packing up my belongings and the frozen goods and the truck so that I could travel home.  My roommate, Lin, cooked Chinese food and it was amazing and then I visited the Sauter’s to say goodbye.

 I left very early this morning to stay with my mother, Nada, and my sister, Jarene, in Thayne, Wyoming for the night and I will finish driving home tomorrow.  The fall colors were out in full force on the way, and the mountain tops are getting their first dusting of snow this week.

So, now I enter a brave new world of baking and medicine.  I will update the blog when there is progress with the bakery project.  I am currently planning to test bake at home and sell limited bakery products from home before the end of the year…maybe for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I will be working on my business plan as well.  I had a wonderful month learning the best way to make many wonderful bakery items and hope to share them with my community as I am able to implement them.  I need to get the bakery organization up and running.  I will also start using Facebook to advertise for The Bread Doctor.